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Throughout the history of Havre de Grace, our shores have seen a variety of boats. From the Susquehanocks in their dugout canoes to the seaplanes of today, we’ve seen changes on the river just as we’ve seen changes on the land.

Susquehannocks and dugout canoe
Susquehannocks and dugout canoe

In our video with our ‘casual historian of HdG’ today, we’ll share a bite-sized piece of that waterfront history and a lot of photos. Enjoy!

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The first mention from our casual historian is of the little red sailboat loved by Stevie – our young ghostly spirit at our shop. CLICK HERE to listen to the story.

Image of of toy red sailboat that Stevie, our friendly little boy ghost, loves to play with at Bahoukas Antique Mall in Havre de Grace.
The red sailboat loved by ‘Stevie’

Theater on a Boat

Theater has always been a major part of the culture of Havre de Grace. But did you know we even had theater on the water? We sure did. Many of our older citizens can still remember the theater on the barge, Showboat, which would dock at the end of Green Street.

The Showboat - end of Green St at Havre de Grace
The Showboat – end of Green St at Havre de Grace

Regattas and Boat Races

Regattas and racing have also been a part of the waterfront fun in Havre de Grace. From boat races and hydroplanes to today’s Thursday Night Sailboat Races, Hospice Regatta, and a variety of Poker Runs (kayaks, motorboats, etc.), the shores of Havre de Grace have seen it!


Tugboats can be seen nearly every day off the shores of Havre de Grace. Plenty of work at the Vulcan Quarry in Havre de Grace keeps them busy. But they were part of the boat scene even in the early 1900s.

Steamships and Riverboats (Paddleboats)

Seeing a steamship or a riverboat on the Susquehanna is always a treat … even in the early years. Whether bringing a family home back in the day or enjoying a river cruise and even a bit of theater today, these boats are a delight to the eye.


The only Havre de Grace item on the National Historic Register: the Skipjack MARTHA LEWIS should be returning soon to Havre de Grace. After extensive restoration for several years, we look forward to seeing her docked at Hutchins Park.

The historic Skipjack Martha Lewis - Havre de Grace
The historic Skipjack Martha Lewis – Havre de Grace
The historic Skipjack Martha Lewis - Havre de Grace
The historic Skipjack Martha Lewis – Havre de Grace

We have many other unique sailing vessels that have visited Havre de Grace including The Dove and The Pride of Baltimore II.

2021 - Pride of Baltimore 11 visits Havre de Grace
2021 – Pride of Baltimore 11 visits Havre de Grace

I am not sure about the name of this sailing vessel.

Unique Visitors to Our Shores

From Navy vessels to the return of Capt. John Smith’s shallop (a replica celebrating 400 years), cruise ships to luxury boats, there are always a few surprises on our water!

Seaplanes and Ultralight

In 2004 a brand new seaplane dock offered a grand reopening of the Seaplane Base in Havre de Grace. We’ve been treated with a variety of seaplanes over the years. Today, we can also enjoy the seaplanes that fly brides in to celebrate a wedding at La Banque de Fleuve – a wonderful venue.

Back in 2000, Steve Rogers opened a business called “Ultralight/Ultraflight.” He offered great opportunities for someone to learn to fly an ultralight. In this case, businesswoman Carla Derosier, owner of Havre de Grace Antique Center. CLICK HERE to download the story from our Lockhouse to Lighthouse Publication. It starts on page 99.

A few more photos…

Below is a gallery of more boats that have been seen on our shores over the years.

Waterfront FUN and

And finally, just plain fun to be had on the water in Havre de Grace. Fishing, boating, sailing, parasailing, paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes.

Waterfront Festival

Join us for the 3rd annual Lighted Boat Parade. Friday, Sept.8 during the Waterfront Festival which runs from 5-11 p.m. on Friday. Power boats and sailboats will display their lights and designs while traversing along the shoreline beginning at 8 p.m. It begins at the American Legion area and ends at Tydings Park area.

The Waterfront Festival continues on Saturday from 3-9 p.m. Or

In compiling this post, it was quite a surprise
even for us to see the variety
of water fun at Havre de Grace.

A few resources:

Hydroplane History

1933 Havre de Grace Regatta Results

A little more info on Capt. Moore and his sloop scow known as “Widgeon.”

Bob Wood's Hummer - a 64' all-steel sailboat built by Bob

If you’ve not seen the post, CLICK HERE
to learn about the boat, “Hummer,”
built right on our shores and in later years
circumnavigated the Americas.

Explore Havre de Grace for all your events and details for Havre de Grace!

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