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Our casual historian of HdG has shared different modes of transportation in various blogs. He did a couple of blogs on the Burns Bros. Carriage Eps 9 and Eps 48. And he mentions the city’s trolley – The Tide.

But today he shares some ‘fun transportation modes and a couple of cute stories.

NOTE: How fitting that as George shares some fun transportation stories, the train goes by – impolitely interrupting. (chuckle)


an old sled found in a basement sold by Pitcock's Hardware (now Bahoukas Antique Mall)
An Old Sled sold by Pitcock’s Hardware

Most certainly many folks have enjoyed some great sledding back-in-the-day at Tydings Park!


Photo of Jeanne Baynes on her pedal car in the 1930s
Jeannie Baynes in the 1930s enjoying her pedal car at the end of Union Ave in Havre de Grace,
probably by the Tydings Park area

Bert’s Trike

Received from Mike Tarbert, this tricycle had a lot of miles put on it as Bert (a special needs gentleman) would ride it up and down Revolution Street and downtown Havre de Grace.

Our casual historian of HdG is going to be cleaning this up and including it in his local history muZeum at Bahoukas Antique Mall. It deserves a bit of TLC since he’s heard that Bert probably put 15-20,000 miles on this trike over his lifetime.

Do YOU have a photo of Bert on his bike – or any other information? You know, we’re always looking for the details and the stories. Our casual historian of HdG also mentions another man, Johnny, who also rode his bike around town. Plus we’re looking for a really good photo of Sammy bringing up the end of the July 4th Parade on his bike with the American flag. Have any photos we can scan?

Remember, don’t throw the Havre de Grace ‘stuff’ out when you’re cleaning out a home, settling an estate, or just ‘downsizing,’ without checking in with George. Don’t give him cause to cry!!!

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