Eps 44 The HdG HS Warriors Letter


Our ‘casual historian’ will be sharing a few posts about Havre de Grace High School Warriors Varsity Letters and other school memorabilia over the summer. In this short video, we share several Varsity Letters from earlier decades.

Here are photos of the letters mentioned in the video:

Earning a varsity letter is a major accomplishment in the world of athletics. It is evidence that you have excelled not only on the playing field but also in the classroom. The requirements for earning a varsity letter vary from sport to sport and from school to school. Though there are many lettering policies, in general, an athlete must perform satisfactorily academically (as defined by their institution), be listed on a varsity roster and meet one or more practice and/or performance standards set by the coach. 

from Classroom.synonym.com

Nowadays, you might also receive a Varsity Letter for cheerleading, band, and other activities.

We’ll be sharing more Warriors memorabilia and a video from one of our special donors in the near future.

In the meantime, you may want to check out this earlier post: Eps 19 with Harry Jones

Remember, don’t throw the Havre de Grace ‘stuff’ out when you’re cleaning out a home, settling an estate, or just ‘downsizing,’ without checking in with George. Don’t give him cause to cry!!!

Our ‘casual historian’ is always waiting for your stories and any memorabilia you may want to share.

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