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Cover photo: Paul Trout (Troutie), age 14, working the counter at Foley’s Pharmacy.

Pharmacies – a key service offered in downtown Havre de Grace

We’ve trying to give you more information about the many photos and stories collected by our ‘casual historian’ at Bahoukas Antique Mall and Havre de Grace History Museum.

Below is a video followed by photos and a timeline for pharmacies/drug stores in Havre de Grace.


  • Sadler’s Drug Store 1868 (Later Green’s Pharmacy)

  • Hopkins’ Drug Store 1881
    226 N. Union Ave (now La Cle D’or Guesthouse)
    We cannot confirm that H.H. Hopkins had a Pharmacy in his home. Although there is a reference to his having a pharmacy in Havre de Grace in the book referenced at the end of this article.

  • Wm King’s Pharmacy 1864
    324 N. Union Ave
    • Then became Zeitler’s Drug Store 1890
      History says that here (Zeitler’s) was the
      “First installed telephone in Havre de Grace.”
    • 1898 became CITY PHARMACY
      and was moved to 324 N. Union Ave
  • Lyon’s Drug Store 1894
    Originally opened by Andrew Lincoln Lyon and Edward Zeitler. One year later the partnership was dissolved and Lyon took over the business.
    • In 2019 they celebrated 125 years at this location:
      328 (330) St. John Street
    • In 2022 moved to 601 Revolution St. (Still Havre de Grace and the same awesome service)
  • Green’s Pharmacy 1916
    (founded by Thomas Sadler 1861)
    101 N. Washington (now the Battery Island Brewing Co.)
    • Taken over by John E. Green in 1916
    • Lyttleton Sadler Green (1901-1973) became proprietor in 1932
    • Many still remember ‘Docie’ (Dockie) Green – who was an artist and a musician as well as a pharmacist!
    • Operated under Green’s into the 1990s
  • Read’s Drug Store around 1930
    226 N. Washington (Rodger’s Tavern – now Abbey’s Burgers)
    Operated through 1974 when Rite-Aid operated it for about 6 years.
    Interesting video and a bit of local history referencing segregation:

  • Foley’s Pharmacy 1934
    300 St. John St (at Green St.)
    Operated by Foley family until 1963
    • (now is the E Z Tobacco and Gifts Shop)
  • Newman’s City Pharmacy 1943
    David Newman (former mgr of Read’s Drug Store) 
    first opened at 324 N. Union Ave.
    • 1958 the Newman’s built CITY PHARMACY
      at 309-311 N. Union Ave.
    • It burned in 1973. Rebuilt in 1974.
    • In 1984 Dominic R. Gasdia took over the CITY PHARMACY business.
    • In 2000 it became The Office Centre
  • The Medicine Shoppe (1970s?)
    500 N. Union (where 7-Eleven is now)

  • Hospital Center Pharmacy
    • (later) Apothecary Shoppe
    • 1970s-1980s
    • 601 S. Union Ave facing Lewis Lane
  • Citizens Pharmacy was founded in 1978 (according to their website) 
    in the rear of Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center
    415a Market Street
    • locally owned

Info sources include:

* our casual historian: George ‘Bahoukas’ Wagner
* the website: https:historichavredegrace.com
* book: Havre de Grace: Harford County’s Rural Heritage by Jack L. Shagena, Jr. and Henry C. Peden, Jr.

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Hope this helps as you get ‘addicted’ to learning about Havre de Grace!!!

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