Eps 4 Havre de Grace Advertising/Pitcock Bros.


1940s Card Table with advertising

This card table has 75+ businesses mentioned on the top. George, the ‘casual historian’ of Havre de Grace has used it many times to find business names no one knew about. He also has a similar table from the 1950s.

Advertising pieces often tell a story.

Whether it’s a product a local store might have carried, like the Overland Touring Car at the Pitcock Bros. or Atwater Kent radio speakers, it’s a great way to learn about your local community.

Overland touring car ad for Pitcock Bros in Havre de Grace
Overland All-Steel Touring Car at Pitcock Bros. in Havre de Grace

These items were the beginning of George’s passion for finding and collecting items for his Havre de Grace MuZeum.

The Keeley Stove Co advertising for Pitcock Bros of Havre de Grace, MD
Columbian Base Burners, by The Keeley Stove Co., sold by Pitcock Bros of Havre de Grace

As he shares the stories of how he acquired the items as well as details about the items, we hope you’ll enjoy learning more about our city, our businesses, and those who lived or visited here.

Atwater Kent Radio Speakers advertising for Pitcock Bros of Havre de Grace MD
Atwater Kent radio speaker available at Pitcock Bros. of Havre de Grace, MD

Remember, don’t throw the Havre de Grace ‘stuff’ out when you’re cleaning out a home, settling an estate, or just ‘downsizing,’ without checking in with George. Don’t give him cause to cry!!!

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