Interview 8: Saving Concord Pt Lighthouse

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From their home on Market Street, Jane could see the Concord Point Lighthouse. It was a sad, broken part of the community’s history at that time. And she kept telling herself, “I should care what happens to that piece of history.”

from lockhouse to lighthouse publication 1998

This interview was re-created from an interview with Jane Jacksteit published in the Lockhouse to Lighthouse publication. Since this week we’re chatting about museums, I hope you’ll feel inspired to take advantage of the Summer Museum Adventure (June and July) and visit as many museums as possible. Many people with the passion that Jane shares are how they all came about. Add the hundreds of volunteers over the years and you have a real community effort.

Jane Jacksteit b. 1917 d. 2007

You can read a bit about Jane in her obituary by CLICKING HERE. She was a beautiful person with a great sense of humor.

The home that she talks about in the interview can be found by CLICKING HERE. As always, we are thankful for the diligent work done by Marita O’Connell on this site. It’s truly amazing.

HdG Stories no longer has its own website or podcast. The blog posts can now be seen at for George Bahoukas Wagner’s Havre de Grace History MuZeum site. Enjoy!

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