Esp 12 Part 3 of 3 Gathering the Details

Beginnings, Research

Gathering local history details can be found in some unexpected places. Small booklets written by local folks, information on the back of a collector plate, pamphlets celebrating local events, and even historical fiction. Listen to George, our Havre de Grace casual historian:

A Variety of Books and Magazines

Harford County Bottle Book

by Micah Dolina, 2021

A great resource that includes a variety of bottles from Havre de Grace. Not only are the bottles themselves interesting, but it also gives us a glimpse into the industries and economy of our city over the years.

The Canvasback

Magazines like The Canvasback, published by the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum, are great sources for local history. Museum newsletters, as well as a visit to your local museums, offer details often difficult to find elsewhere.

Jack L. Shagena, Jr. and Henry C. Peden, Jr

These two men have researched, gleaned, and published a great deal about Havre de Grace and Harford County. They have even given their information to our Harford County Public Library – a rich resource and much-appreciated gift to our citizens.

A sampling of books by Jack L. Shagena, Jr. and Henry C. Peden, Jr.

Unique Finds for Resources

1984 Masonic Lodge pamphlet and a Bicentennial Sketch of Havre de Grace 1776-1976.

Ladies Night with the Susquehanna Lodge 130 at the American Legion Home, Havre de Grace
Havre de Grace – A Bicentennial Sketch
1776 – 1976

History of Havre de Grace

“The Town We Live In” by Elias W. Kidwiler

Quote mentioned in video:

“The quaintness of Havre de Grace could be its demise.”

What do you think? We think the city has survived and thrived.

1926 Book by Ladies of the Library

Historic Havre de Grace
by Ladies of the Library, 1926

The pamphlets offer interesting tidbits that add unique insight into our community!

Historical Fiction

The Pulaski Saga is an amazing series by Robert Lackey. He’s done an excellent job of writing a beautiful story of the fictional Pulaski family while sharing an amazing amount of detail about Havre de Grace history and life in those times. He writes from the days of the canal through the Civil War.

The Pulaski Saga from author, Robert F. Lackey – 9 books
book 10 of the Pulaski Saga
final book 11 of the Pulaski Saga

Pulaski Saga Walking Tour

George and Ellie gathered photos of locations and scenes that represent real locations in Pulaski’s Canal back in 2018. A local resident, Bob Woods, helped us in the Lapidum area. Author Bob Lackey then added his words creating an interesting tour you might enjoy discovering on your own. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF. (NOTE: references to a website for Havre de Grace Magazine – this site no longer exists)

Again, this is all just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of research and discovery. Certainly fun!

These Items can be seen in the Havre de Grace History MuZeum located inside Bahoukas Antique Mall. Many of the books mentioned can be purchased at Bahoukas and also at Washington Street Books.

Remember that our ‘casual historian’ is always looking for materials for his Havre de Grace MuZeum that’s located within his store, Bahoukas Antique Mall. Before you toss out old papers, advertising, and other memorabilia of Havre de Grace, give George a call. Don’t make him cry!

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